The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Plan begins in Minca at 9:45 am, the passenger registration will be done at the Jungle Joe offices, located diagonally to the Minca church, there passengers can store their luggage (light backpack) for start the day's activities consisting of nature tours of Minca.

We will begin an introduction to our tour and the presentation of the guide who will accompany you during the morning.

There will be a 20-minute tour to a 4-hectare coffee farm, owned by a local coffee family, there will be a talk about the history of coffee in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, types of coffee in Colombia, how the coffee, the importance of a good fermentation, drying, roasting and at the end of all, how to prepare a good coffee.

Then we will continue with a walk through ecological trails where we will visit waterfalls (heard of the world), natural pools and natural slides. the distance is 2KM. This part of the tour can be adapted to the physical condition and resistance of the participants.

After bathing in the waterfall, you will walk 2 km through beautiful trails where the destination will be a house built in guadua where the host Jungle Joe will wait for you with a spectacular gourmet lunch which will be prepared according to the specifications of the clients.

After lunch, we will proceed to show the house built in guadua or bamboo, there will be a talk about this precious native plant of Colombia called natural steel, aspects such as: characteristics, resistance, cultivation, cutting and types of constructions will be discussed, Colombia As a biodiverse country, issues such as the most dangerous animals and how to avoid them.

And finally, there will be a workshop on cocoa, topics such as the History of Cocoa, harvesting, fermentation, drying, roasting, preparation to raise the alkaloid to the maximum, health benefits and we will make a 100% artisan energy bar.

And at the end, Jungle Joe will sing you the story of cocoa in a song made by himself.

At the end of the tour at approximately 4:30 PM, participants will visit the facilities of the cocoa museum and other sites in Minca so that they can buy souvenirs or necessities.

The afternoon will be free.

They will have a resting place in the facilities of our rural accommodation built in Bamboo (guadua).

Breakfast will be served at 9 AM the next day.

Do you want to know the wonderful world of birds? At Jungle Joe we offer a Bird Watching Tour.

Departure time: 06:00 a.m.

Return time: 09:00 a.m.

We can customize the tour, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced bird watcher. It is your great opportunity to see the amazing diversity of birds in the Minca area.

We offer binoculars to make this wonderful experience, guide, and 35 years of Jungle Joe birding experience. Just bring your eyes open and your senses ready to be mesmerized by the amazing variety of colors.

A map of the Minca area will be given to the participants so that after breakfast they visit other sites such as waterfalls or farms and take advantage of the second day doing ecological walks, bird watching, renting motorcycles, mountain bikes or more outdoor activities , or they can continue to rest in our facilities.

Check-out will be at 12:00 am on the second day.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta plan includes:

* Coffee tour

* Visit to the waterfall.

* Gourmet lunch

* Biodiversity talk.

* Talk about Bamboo as a construction element.

* Chocolate workshop.

* Visit to the cocoa museum.

* Birdwatching Tour

* Non-alcoholic beverages.

* Accommodation for one night in a double or shared room.

* Breakfast.

* Coffee and chocolate tastings.

The Sierra Nevada plan does not include:

* Transportation to and from Santa Marta

*Alcoholic drinks

* Motorcycle or bicycle rental (The whole tour is on foot).

* Mandatory insurance in case of an accident ($ 5000 pesos) per participant.

Sierra Nevada plan price

$ 390,000 for 2 people + $ 10,000 (accident insurance for 2 people)

It starts at 9:45 AM in Minca and ends after breakfast on the second day at 11:00 AM.

Bring trekking boots or sports shoes, bathing suit, insect repellent, toothpaste, towel and comfortable clothing for 2 days.

All in a comfortable, easy-to-use backpack.

Our activities are referenced on travel platforms such as Trip advisor and Lonely planet with a rating of 4.5 out of 5.


For any additional information call (+57) 317 308 52 70.