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Minca is your getaway from the heat and fever of the coast of Colombia. On this site you will find all the resources at the Minca Joe i-Center offers: outdoor adventures such as hiking, tubing, paintball, rappelling, mule rides, bird watching, visiting a coffee farm and mountain biking. It also provides information about the variety of good restaurants and hotels / hostels in town. Come say hello once you get to Minca!

About Minca

Minca is a small village of 650 m above sea level in Santa Marta reached by taking a collective (shared taxi) through a mountain road rutted 45min from "Minca Station" on Calle 11 with 12 in the Public Market of Santa Marta. The town center itself is a quaint and cozy little mountain town with much to offer, including great restaurants, pool tables, bars, hotels, internet, around the city center. _ _ . It is when you explore its very mountainous edges when you discover the true magic of Minca in some truly spectacular hostels, farms and places to relax by the river or a beer and panoramic sea views in the distance.

About Jungle Joe - Bamboo House

Joe Ortiz is an avid birder and owner of Minca i-Center, where you can learn about what to do and book all your outdoor adventure in the Minca.

Joe is passionate about protecting the natural environment and the preservation of wildlife.

As evidence of sustainable living practices, Joe built himself a bamboo house here in Minca and live in it.

Jungle Joe Bamboo House